Change your tea. Change your life.

AstroloTea® organic loose leaf teas are custom-blended using extensive knowledge of the unique properties of each ingredient to combine rich, flavorful body with the capacity for deep and profound transformation of both mind and body.
Sip your way to a happier, healthier you!

organic tea for brain and headaches

Peace of Mind

For heads that feel too busy and full: decrease the pressure and quiet the mind.

organic tea for women and hormones

Howl at the Moon

Tame the feral beast within, calm the raging hormones, ease the cramps and womanly woes.

get it on organic aphrodisiac tea

Get it On

Ignite your fires and fan the flames of passion!

Becoming Light weight loss tea

Becoming Light

Release the weight of the world and lighten your burdens. Take a sip and let it all go.

chase away the blues

Chase Away the Blues

Lift your spirits and find your happy again.

organic tea for tummy and digestion

Trust Your Gut

Beat belly bloat, defeat digestive disturbance, tackle tummy troubles.

Above the Weather cold and flu tea

Above the Weather

When sore throat and sniffles get you down, let this tea raise you back up to wellness.

organic tea for pollen and allergies

The Pollenator

When nature is more irritating than inspiring, conquer the allergens with this potent blend.

organic tea for pain relief

Sigh of Relief

Find comfort for body aches and pains, stiff muscles and sore joints.

AstroloTea® Transformation Blends

Ready to re-think your drink?

The Transformation tea blends are a perfect addition to your daily practices that support body/mind/spirit and assist attaining a state of well-being, wholeness and delight. These magnificent and potent potions will sustain and strengthen your daily rituals. Download our transformational teas guide and keep it close to your teapot!