Astrology tea blends.

Every Zodiac sign rules a different part of the body and carries specific energies. The Astrology tea blends were created using that information: a unique and special tea for each of the 12 signs. Along with your Sun, don’t forget to try your Moon and Rising sign teas. Explore all of these cosmic blends in support of your unique astrological chart.

AstroloTea® loose leaf tea tins

Collectible tea tins.

Perfect for gift-giving, these lovely collectible tins will be a delightful addition to any tea cabinet! The screw-top tin will keep your tea airtight and the wide opening allows for easy scooping access.  Available in all 12 handcrafted specialty Astrology tea blends, one for each sign of the zodiac, this lovely tin is a wonderful way to experience AstroloTea® and makes a unique gift for the tea lover in your life.