New Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea

New Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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With a light and lively sweetness, the New Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea blend will take you on a romp through a field of flowers. Custom handcrafted with a subtle, roasted green tea and sweet flowers, this tea is unlike anything you have tasted before.

Drink this delicious New Moon tea with the intention of renewal. What in your life could use an infusion of new energy? A change? Some new clarity? What new seeds can you plant now and follow through as the Moon waxes to full?

• New Moon Flavor Profile •
light ~ lively ~ flower ~ delicate ~ fresh

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New Moon and all AstroloTea® handcrafted specialty tea blends are custom-blended using only 100% certified organic and wild harvested ingredients so you know that what you are drinking is the purest, best quality tea available.

The New Moon occurs when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun. At this time, the Moon is hidden from light and there is opportunity for you to seek answers in your dreams and in the dark. This is the time for planting seeds and making wishes, burying them down in the dark depths of the earth, of ourselves. The New Moon promotes all forms of growth, strong new beginnings and the start of new and exciting ventures.

The Moon rules Cancer, and the stomach and breasts. She is in charge of your emotions, moods, feelings, and intuition. The Moon rules your feminine and unconscious energies (as opposed to the masculine, conscious Sun.) She represents the feminine nature in us all. Your Moon energy shows you how you best protect yourself, how you nurture yourself, how you comfort yourself and others. It indicates your nesting instinct and protectiveness.

• New Moon Flavor Profile •
light ~ lively ~ flower ~ delicate ~ fresh


Contains Caffeine: Organic Houjicha Tea, Organic Meadowsweet Flowers


Approx. 25 servings per 2 oz. package 

Approx. 50 servings per 4 oz. package 

Sample contains 3 servings.


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