Full Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Full Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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Slightly sweet and nutty, the Full Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea blend is made with toasted twigs and stems of the tea plant. It is low in caffeine and you will love its mild flavor and unique, lovely aroma.

Brew yourself a cup of the Full Moon organic tea and ponder the seeds you planted at the New Moon. What is now full grown and ready to be released? What can be trimmed back? Where do you feel full and complete and ready to let go and move on?

• Full Moon Flavor Profile •
light ~ sweet ~ nutty ~ mild ~ pleasant ~ earthy ~ aromatic

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Full Moon and all AstroloTea® handcrafted specialty tea blends are custom-blended using only 100% certified organic and wild harvested ingredients so you know that what you are drinking is the purest, best quality tea available.

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is in opposition with the Sun. Moonlight is not the Moon’s own light, but a reflection of the Sun. The amplified light of the Full Moon inspires you to reflection and receptivity, but also heightens tensions with the intensity of whatever reflections you may see staring back at you. This is why you see a rise in crime and outrageous behavior during the Full Moon. As the Moon is at its fullest, so you may feel full and overwhelmed by the energies inside you and you must find a release. It is a time of completion and necessitates a shedding and letting go.

The Moon rules Cancer, and the stomach and breasts. She is in charge of your emotions, intuition, feelings, and moods. The Moon rules your feminine and unconscious energies (as opposed to the masculine, conscious Sun.) She represents the feminine nature in us all. Your Moon energy shows you how you can best protect and nurture yourself; how you can comfort yourself and others. It indicates your protective and nesting instincts.

• Full Moon Flavor Profile •
light ~ sweet ~ nutty ~ mild ~ pleasant ~ earthy ~ aromatic


Contains Caffeine: Organic Kukicha Tea, Organic Angelica


Approx. 19 servings per 2 oz. package 

Approx. 38 servings per 4 oz. package 

Sample contains 3 servings.


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