Earth Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Earth Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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When you hear the phrase “getting grounded” or “Earthing” these are expressions of energetically connecting to the Earth. This is a wonderful daily practice to help you come down from the clouds of your chaotic thoughts and plant your feet firmly on the ground and be present in the moment. It is easy to get caught up in all the swirling madness of human existence. Taking a moment to ground and come back to Earth and to yourself is essential to your wellbeing.

The Earth Organic Loose Leaf Tea blend is a lovely way to support a daily Earthing ritual. This rich, earthy, grounding tea will help you come back to your center, allowing you to be mindful and present, strong and sure in yourself.

• Flavor Profile •
deep ~ rich ~ earthy ~ dense ~ strong

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Earth and all AstroloTea® handcrafted specialty tea blends are custom-blended using only 100% certified organic and wild harvested ingredients so you know that what you are drinking is the purest, best quality tea available.

and forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. -kahlil gibran

Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and is the densest and 5th largest planet in our solar system. Over 70% of our planet is covered in water with an active interior that produces a magnetic field. Earth is traditionally recognized as a Goddess, or feminine energy. In Norse mythology she appears as the mother of the god Thor. Our beloved planet is also known as Gaia, Pachamama, and many other feminine and goddess names.

Earth has been home to life for more than 3 billion years. That enormous span of time has generated millions of species of life and our planet currently hosts more than 7 billion humans. While we are all interconnected in ways we simply cannot yet fathom, we are also each completely unique.

• Flavor Profile •
deep ~ rich ~ earthy ~ dense ~ strong


Contains Caffeine: Organic Fair Trade Pu’erh, Organic Roasted Carob, Organic Sarsaparilla


Approx. 14 servings per 2 oz. package 

Approx. 28 servings per 4 oz. package 

Sample contains 3 servings.


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10 serving tea tin, 2 oz. bag, 4 oz. bag, 8 oz. bag, Sample


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