AstroloTea And Infinity Jars

Product Testing: How Well Do Infinity Jars Work for Tea Storage?

A while back I wrote about the different tea storage options for storing your loose leaf tea and which ways are best. If you haven’t read it or want a refresher, you can check it out here.

I am currently testing out something new!

Tania, over at Infinity Jars, recently asked me to test their products for viability as tea storage in exchange for some social media exposure. I thought, sure! Why not? They have quite an array of sizes and shapes for multiple household uses. And my goodness, they are gorgeous!

While I love the look and feel of all the jars and bottles they offer, when it comes to tea storage, I find Infinity Jars really only has two good options: the 1 liter and 500 ml. (I prefer one much more than the other.) So I told Tania which jars I would be interested to try out and they were shipped promptly!

I am delighted by how well protected they are upon arrival.

AstroloTea and Infinity Jars

One of the challenges in selecting the appropriate size of jar is understanding that glass jars are sold by volume and tea is sold by weight. So 4 ounces of tea won’t fit into a 4 ounce jar. It all is determined by how light and fluffy the tea is. With some blends you get a full bag when you order 4 ounces because all the ingredients are lightweight. Sometimes a 4 ounce bag only fills 1/4 of the bag when the ingredients are heavy and bulky.

Here you can see how 4 ounces of one of my lightest blends almost fills the 1 liter Infinity Jar.

AstroloTea and Infinity Jars


Another consideration when choosing a jar is the ease of getting the tea in and out of the jar. Both sizes I am testing are pretty easy to pour into and scoop out of.

For your reference, here are some photos for size comparison to the ever-familiar Ball jars:

AstroloTea and Infinity Jars

You can probably guess that my favorite jar is the largest size, the 1 liter jar. For one thing, you can store more tea in it! Also, the mouth of the jar is 3 inches across, same as a wide mouth Ball jar. The 500ml Infinity Jar is only 2 1/2 inches at the mouth. That makes it slightly harder to pour tea in and scoop it out, though it is still possible! In my opinion, any jar smaller than the 500ml may not hold your entire bag of tea, and the mouth opening gets smaller and smaller as you go down in size.

AstroloTea and Infinity Jars

All in all it was a grand, fun experiment and I do recommend Infinity Jars as a good option for tea storage. These jars are specially designed to be airtight and smell-proof. The pigmented glass is thicker and more durable than standard glass, and it blocks harmful UV light. I haven’t had the jars long enough to test the freshness after being store for a long period of time. But if you’re anything like me, you drink your tea far faster than it would take it to go stale in any kind of container!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

With much Love,


Pamela Morgen
Owner and Tea Alchemist