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Packaging and Storing Tea – It’s All In the Air!

So many intricate decisions go into starting a business! Little things that you don’t think of in advance can set your head spinning for weeks!

Some decisions are easy though, because they just make the most sense. Like the way I decided to package my organic loose leaf tea blends. Here is a quick rundown on the choice I made and some things to think about when buying and storing tea for yourself:

Air – this is the number one thing to consider when making, buying and storing tea. The less air exposure to your tea, the longer it will last. If you have a lovely tin or jar that is only half full of tea, the other half is filled with air! I chose to sell my tea blends in bags because they provide the least amount of air exposure overall.

Sustainability – I do love the look of some of the new zip top packaging options now available, but they are all plastic. And the state of our planet is important to me. The bags that I package my tea in are compostable and recyclable once you remove the label and the tin tie.

Convenience/Affordability/Selection – I like being able to keep my costs down and I pass that savings on to you. By using lightweight packaging I keep incoming and outgoing shipping costs down. If you want to move your tea from the paper bag it arrives in, you have the freedom to choose your own tin or jar to match your kitchen decor. The options are vast and lovely! Or keep your own costs down and use the bag! Just keep rolling it down as you go and use the tin tie to seal the air out. Plus you can enjoy the beautiful label art!


With much Love,


Pamela Morgen
Owner and Tea Alchemist


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