How it all began.

Once upon a time I was not feeling so hot. Childhood traumas, jobs, stress, inactivity, poor dietary choices… among other things led to unhappy, unhealthy me. I tried all kinds of traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing my body. Most of them didn’t work. Or made things worse! Ack!


What to do?

I did tons of research. I started working with a nutritional biochemist. And I got back to the basics and examined every single thing I swallowed. You are what you eat, right? And what you drink!


The search for the perfect tea.

I have a long love affair with tea. So why not find a loose leaf tea that would help me get healthy? I tried so many! Ew! None of them made me happy. They were bland and boring. Or didn’t work. Or were chock full of chemicals.


Lightbulb moment!

Why not make my own loose leaf tea? I’ve been studying herbs for years! I have a diverse background in all sorts of areas that could inform every blend idea I can come up with! Thus AstroloTea® was born.

Cancer loose leaf tea blend

Zodiac tea blends

Sun loose leaf tea blend

Orbital tea blends

Part of Fortune loose leaf tea blend

Ethereal tea blends

Howl at the Moon loose leaf tea blend

Transformation tea blends

Brain loose leaf tea blend

Temple tea blends

Chocolate Coconut loose leaf tea blend

Bliss tea blends

Think beyond tea

AstroloTea® handcrafted specialty tea blends offer a vast array of nourishing and enriching benefits. Not only are they delicious and exotic, they are custom-blended using extensive knowledge of the unique properties of each ingredient to combine rich, flavorful body with the capacity for deep and profound transformation of both mind and body.

About our tea lines

AstroloTea® handcrafted tea lines offer a tea blend for every occasion. Browse the Astrological lines for tea blends to match the energy of the zodiac signs, the planets and the elements. The Transformation and Temple lines address specific conditions and parts of the body. The Bliss line was created for pure taste sensation!

Ready to try something new?
Enjoy some of the most popular flavors!

loose leaf earth tea blend

get grounded

organic brain tea

Dual Core of Infinity
brain power

organic loose leaf tea for cramps and pms

Howl at the Moon
for all women

organic allergy tea

The Pollenator
allergy relief

organic chocolate coconut tea

Chocolate Coconut
blissful treat