Brewing Sun Tea

Brewing the Perfect Iced Tea and Sun Tea for Summer!

Ah, it is hot here this summer! Sweltering, in fact! And there is nothing like a tall, sweating glass of iced tea to relax with on the long hot days of summer. I have grand memories of sun tea as a kid; floating Lipton tea bags in an old gallon pickle jar full of fresh well water, watching it darken through the day as it sat and brewed in the southern Colorado sun. Or traveling around the south after college and drinking gallons of delicious sweet tea. No matter how you like it, iced tea is an important summer staple!

Brewing Sun Tea

Most people don’t know that you can make iced tea and sun tea with loose leaf tea too! It is so easy and only requires one extra step. Plus you will get a much better and tastier brew! You can brew up any loose leaf tea blend, let it cool, and pour it over ice. Or pick your favorite blend and try this for outstanding sun tea:

  • Measure out 1 tbsp tea leaves for every 8oz water. (1/2 cup tea for a half gallon jar or 1 cup tea for a gallon.)
  • Add the tea leaves to your jar and fill with fresh, filtered water. Stir or shake to make sure everything is wet.
  • Cover loosely with a lid. Or use a light cloth or paper towel held on with a rubber band.
  • Set out in the summer sunshine all day!
  • Strain out the tea leaves using a fine mesh strainer.
  • Chill overnight.

Brewing Sun Tea

An excellent idea for parties and gatherings, plan ahead and brew some extra tea and freeze in ice cube trays. This will ensure your tea never gets watered down!

As I always say when brewing loose leaf tea, the key is in complete saturation and expansion of the leaves! So please don’t use tea bags! It is worth the simple extra step to strain out your tea leaves to get the best and most delicious tea experience. You can see in this series of brew photos how much leaf expansion happens throughout the day. That is crucial to getting the best flavor!

Brewing Sun Tea

Any of the AstroloTea® tea blends can be made into a delightful iced tea, but here are a few of my favorites:

Iced Tea

With much Love,


Pamela Morgen
Owner and Tea Alchemist