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And now from our very own Breezy Guerra, her first experience with Howl at the Moon:


Howl at the Moon AstroloTea Moments Guest Post by Breezy Guerra Forever and Ever Best Subject of All Time Ever

“There I was, in the heart of some seriously crazy times. My hormones were raging, I had cramps that were nearly sending me into the fetal position, and my husband’s head was about to be chopped off solely because he likes to drum on the kitchen table with his fingers. And then I met AstroloTea’s Howl at the Moon tea. It was as if this tea was made for me, and only me (I still believe it is to this day). I brewed a cup, sat down on my couch, and in the silence, took a big sip of tea. I instantly felt so much of that illogical rage leave me. It was as if this tea were some long lost friend comforting me, telling me it would all be ok. It is my go-to remedy every month, and quite often much more frequently than that. Sometimes the smell of it alone can calm the wolf inside me. Not to mention that it has the most complex, and wonderful flavors. It is by far my most favorite tea ever.”

-Breezy Guerra


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