The Constellation Virgo

As the Sun moves into Virgo

On Sunday at 3:37am PDT, the sun moved into the sign of Virgo, heralding the final month of summer in the northern hemisphere. And what a summer it has been! I know I am eager to move out of the fiery Leo energy and find some grounding in Virgo. Life in the Pacific Northwest has been hot and smoky and extremely dry. In an area known for its lush greenery and wet, mild climate, this year’s heat waves drought conditions have been particularly harsh. It feels as though the entire western part of the country is on fire right now!

Here are a few basic things about Virgo:

  • It is a mutable earth sign, with yin energy.
  • Virgo is ruled by the Mercury, its color is blue.
  • It rules the 6th house of health and service.
  • It governs the intestines and colon.
  • Virgo is the second largest constellation (Hydra is the largest).

The constellation Virgo

Virgo is the Latin name for virgin so this sign is often called the Maiden or Virgin. The modern day use of the word virgin merely represents a lack of sexual experience. However, in ancient times, the meaning of virgin was a bit more broad and defined a virgin as “a woman whole unto herself.” In this ancient definition, we can all step into our virgin self, our whole truth and natural instinct. When we are standing strong in our heart, our truth and our values, centered in the confidence of knowing who we are and what we want, we are embodying the energy of Virgo.

As the sun moves into Virgo


Virgos are all about perfection, purity and practicality. Even though Virgo is an earth sign it is ruled by the mental energy of Mercury, so Virgins are the analyzers, researchers and data collectors, always on the lookout for anything that might need adjustments and improvements. Falling at the end of summer at harvest time, Virgos were the ones who found and read sacred cycles and patterns, a skill that has largely been lost or forgotten in our modern times.

As summer comes to a close and kids head back to school, before the rush toward the holidays begins, take a moment to reconnect with your pure, virgin self. Do you feel whole unto yourself? Are you living in harmony with your sacred truth and values or have they been tainted by outside forces? Can you analyze your own cycles and patterns for places that might need some adjustment so you might live a more happy and fulfilled life? How about sitting with a cup of Virgo or Mercury and taking a moment to tune into your natural intuition and instinct and see what it has to say?

With much Love,


Pamela Morgen
Owner and Tea Alchemist

(photo source: Wikipedia)