The Sun Moves Into Leo

As the Sun Enters Leo

Today at 2:41pm, the Sun moves into the sign of Leo, and we move into the heart of summer.

A few things about Leo:

  • It is fixed fire, with yang (masculine) energy.
  • It is ruled by the Sun and rules the fifth house.
  • The color of Leo is gold.
  • It rules the back, spine, and heart.
  • Leo is Latin for lion.

Leo is The Performer, in love with the spotlight and a dramatic life. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is self assured, confident, and is always the life of the party. Just as the planets revolve around the Sun, Leo likes everyone in a room to be orbiting around him. Though this is sometimes arrogant, Leo really does want you to be having fun right along with him! He is very sociable and happy to sLeo-2hare his enthusiasm, as long as he remains the center of attention.

Leo is the lion, the king of the jungle, lazing in the sunlight, confident and proud in his strength, superiority, courage and rulership. He can be very disciplined and is loyal to a fault. Ruling the fifth house, Leo is passionate and creative, desiring to find his unique heart expression. The lion does best when he learns to channel his willpower beyond the self to a higher, universal purpose.

We are in the sign of Leo at the height of summer, the hottest time of the year when the Sun beats down on us. Use these long days to reconnect with your own creative passions. What is your heart’s calling? What is your own unique and special way of expressing your heart and your essence? If you need some inspiration, drink a cup of Leo organic loose leaf tea. I made this one for good heart health, and I made it to be especially good as an iced tea during the summer heat. Or give the Sun organic loose leaf tea blend a try. It is wonderful iced as well!


With much Love,


Pamela Morgen
Owner and Tea Alchemist

(photo source: Wikipedia)

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