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Allergy Recovery – AstroloTea® Moments Guest Blog on The Pollenator

Introducing AstroloTea® Moments! A new series of guest blog posts where you get to talk about your favorite experiences with AstroloTea®! In our first edition, learn about serious allergy recovery with tea!

Just in time for spring pollen season, our first AstroloTea® Moments guest blog post on allergy recovery with: The Pollenator.

“One of my most transformative AstroloTea® moments happened in 2014 with The Pollenator tea. That year was a difficult one for me for many reasons, one of which was this: it was the first year ever I experienced problematic and debilitating allergy symptoms in the Pacific Northwest! My daily symptoms included: massive amounts of sneezing; either runny or congested nasal passages (sometimes both cycling throughout the day); on and off coughing throughout the day and night; nasal drainage into the throat; mildly upset stomach and/or loss of appetite; headaches throughout the day and night; and a general fatigue that wiped me out. Luckily for me, I called Pamela, described my symptoms and discovered that The Pollenator tea had just been created!

I started a daily Pollenator tea regimen (morning and afternoon). The very first sip of it was restorative and made me feel like I was really taking good care of myself! After a few days, my symptoms started to decrease! Given that favorable result, I continued the regimen and also monitored daily pollen counts, always brewing and drinking the tea during high pollen activity. This remarkable tea gave me back my energy! I experienced clear and unimpeded breath and an overall sense of well-being within the first few days of the tea regimen. Thereafter, all symptoms described above were abated within an additional week. Getting through that strong allergy season so easily was quite remarkable! With our early spring pollen activity of 2015 currently underway, guess what tea I’ve been sipping as those pollen counts go up and down? To date, I’m sailing through this latest allergy season feeling fortified and supported!”
-Vicki Shapley, Seattle WA



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